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Even when he’s naked and tied by his hands and wrists, Leonardo believes he’s in a position to make demands. This thick footballer needs to learn that he has no control. Adrian wraps his cock and balls in a tight noose and ties it to the floor. All he has to do is step on the rope to tug so painfully hard on this sporty fuckers genitals that he wails in pain feeling like they are going to be ripped off. Leo is disgusted by the thought of kissing a man, but Adrian demands an intimate cuddle or he’ll step on the rope more. Leo insults his captor.
Punishment is delivered in the form of sharp electro shocks to his nipples and his shrivelled cock. Dave enters and flogs the bastard’s arse while Adrian continues to shock his body all over. Leo is overwhelmed with the wicked treatment making pain shoot all over his exposed body. A collar is fixed around his neck and Leo is brought to his knees. Dave presents his stiff cock in Leo’s face and demands that the hetero beg to suck his cock. With a mouth spread fixed over his head, Leo can’t do anything to stop the stiff dick from being thrust in his mouth. Dave demands that he use his tongue to gentle massage his shaft and glans. Leo’s arse is flogged while his mouth is fixed in a permanent scream.
Leo continues to resist his duty as a sub. More punishment is needed in the form of painful shocks to his tight arsehole. Now the fucker will take a cock and even compliantly hold out his tongue to receive a mouthful of fresh sperm. This is how you turn a star athlete into a filthy cock sucker!


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At BreederFuckers, strung up naked with his big meaty cock and full balls dangling between his legs, Sergei can't do anything to prevent Dave from sucking on his nipples or stroking his sexy stinking todger till it's thick and juicy. Worse he's bent down in a position where he has to watch himself being sucked and stroked by another man. He must witness his own arousal and he's disgusted by his own insatiable sex drive. If he's so humiliated by what he can see he's even more terrified by what he can't see next. Dave smacks his arse so hard with his bare hand that it glows bright red. He shows him a hard wooden paddle and Sergei is horrified at the pain he knows this instrument will inflict on his poor smooth bum. The anticipation is almost worse than the punishment.
Dave lays into his sphincter widening it up and filling it with a butt plug. While Dave works on his cock, Derek punishes his arse further spanking him. Getting it from both sides Sergei is overwhelmed and tries to escape the men, but he's suspended in place with no chance of escape. Derek lays into Sergei's hole fucking him hard with a thick wet dildo. He hits his g-spot because the fucker grows another stonking hard on with Dave's encouraging strokes. Sergei's dizzy from the rush and feels himself on the brink of cumming, but just as he's about to spray his seed nasty Dave releases Sergei's dick and punishes it leaving the frustrated and confused lad with blue balls!

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At BreederFuckers, hetero businessman Kevin is a cocky bastard who thinks because he rents some office space in the city and fills it with flash equipment that he’s the real deal. No amount of bravado means he’s got a successful business. When he can’t pay back what he’s loaned from a dodgy character Kevin believes he can just ignore the problem until it goes away. With the nation drowning in debt, these high court officers have been granted access to do whatever it takes to recover the value of unpaid borrowing. They surprise him in his office and are ready to do whatever it takes to make this fucker pay.
Kevin believes he can talk his way out of relinquishing his valuable goods. Since he can’t pay immediately officers Adrian and Dave have the pleasure of taking it out on his ass. He’s subdued, stripped down to expose his tattooed muscular body and tied in place. His hetero asshole tastes like a musky manly treat to the men as they ram their tongues up his tight sphincter. When Kevin comes to he spouts a string of insults at his captors. Time to take him down a notch. No better way to start than ruining his pristine ass. He’s flogged until his ass glows red and then the men take turns fucking him. The veins practically pop out of Kevin’s twisted angry face as he feels a cock pounding it’s way inside him.