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Joseph has undergone an extraordinary transformation at BreederFuckers. Recently he was strutting through the streets in his baggy gangster clothes, threatening and taking anything he wanted. Now his extreme training has rendered him perfectly submissive. His hands are bound behind his back and put on his knees so he must crawl along miserably slow. He’s stark naked so his muscular hard body is on constant display and his tight ass is vulnerable as he turns and bends.

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Tied down naked has changed Miles’ demeanour completely. He’s gone from well-spoken estate agent to a filthy-mouthed bastard. Luckily he’s in the perfect position with his meaty arse pointed in the air for the discipline he needs. His arse is given a spanking and Dave restricts his throat to stop his profanity. Miles is tied so that his legs are pulled up in a painful position and he can’t stretch them out without tightening the rope around his throat. His plums and cock are bound up tight till they look on the brink of bursting. That long silky foreskin is clipped making the boy terrified for his cock.
Miles needs a lesson in how to be a submissive bitch. His arse is now on offer and open at all times to turn men on. He’s fingerfucked and fucked hard with a thick dildo while servicing both men’s cocks. The stupid straight bastard has no clue about how to orally and must be given firm instructions with spanking as punishment when he fails to use his wet gob to please. Miles is a slow learner. This hetero thicko will need to be thoroughly humiliated before he becomes the perfect cock-serving bitch. He’s left in his painful restraints, dripping with piss and completely ruined.

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dildo is rammed far up his virgin hetero arse and electro shock making him squirm!

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At BreederFuckers handsome Lucas struts around the streets like he owns them. Popular. Young. Physically fit. Captain of his college’s football team. His status changes quickly once he’s lured down into a deep dark basement where two bad men strong arm him into submission. Now he’s nothing but meat for men to enjoy and train into being a proper 18 year old cock slave. Fresh from a work out his hairy pits and filthy trainers smell ripe and masculine. He’s bound in place so the men can have unimpeded access to his body. Once he’s restrained those track suit bottoms slide down so easily to reveal his tight muscular arse. Lucas’ breathing rapidly increases and his eyes shine with terror as the men perv over his body and destroy his clothes so that he now must remain permanently exposed. His penis is fondled by another man for the first time including having his long silky foreskin tugged on and his big full balls squeezed. Tied to the wall he’s made to give the answers these men want with a severe flogging given to his torso, cock and arse when he answers incorrectly. He may be able to protect his bum from his teammates in the shower but here his arse cheeks are spread to reveal his tight rubbery hole. The men ram their fingers up his hole making sporty Lucas thrash, moan and break out in a sweat all over. They want to leave him to think about his new position. His nipples are clamped and tied to his cock. A bucket is attached which Dave fills with piss so that his pert little nipples are yanked painfully down. Lucas is made excruciatingly aware of his nudity every second while he’s shackled down in this dank basement.

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Hetero Tom is a petulant little prick. He’s spent his life doing nothing but kicking around a football with his mates and trying to score with women at the clubs on weekends. Work to him is hanging around the construction site sipping coffee, wolf-whistling to passing tail and getting paid for sitting on his arse. If he can’t act like a proper hetero adult who sucks cock on command he needs to be de-humanized at BreederFuckers. Tom’s arms and legs are roped so he must painfully crawl on all fours. Now that he’s been turned into a dog he must act like one. He’s given a good hard whacking every time he disobeys his new owner. Dave parades his new pet around the room showing him off and making him fetch a toy. A butt plug is inserted up his tight arse. The pointed ends of his knees and elbows burn painfully from crawling on them so extensively. Every time he jumps or raises himself up to return the toy his butt plug pops out earning him another beating. A doggie’s favourite treat is a bone so his owner gives him one to chow down on. Tom wraps his lips around Dave’s erection bobbing his head up and down. Meanwhile Dave plays with his arsehole taunting him about how Tom is just moistening his cock in preparation to give him a fucking. Once he’s made his dick achingly stiff Dave shoves Tom over to pound his hole which has been widened by the plug. Tom groans with his arse pounded raw and his body bent over in shame. Driven to a frenzy by screwing this hetero’s tight arse, Dave ejaculates directly into his mouth. Tom curls on the floor trembling with cum dripping out of his mouth, his elbows worn to the bone and fearful of making a move without the consent of his owner.

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