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Tied down naked has changed Miles’ demeanour completely. He’s gone from well-spoken estate agent to a filthy-mouthed bastard. Luckily he’s in the perfect position with his meaty arse pointed in the air for the discipline he needs. His arse is given a spanking and Dave restricts his throat to stop his profanity. Miles is tied so that his legs are pulled up in a painful position and he can’t stretch them out without tightening the rope around his throat. His plums and cock are bound up tight till they look on the brink of bursting. That long silky foreskin is clipped making the boy terrified for his cock.
Miles needs a lesson in how to be a submissive bitch. His arse is now on offer and open at all times to turn men on. He’s fingerfucked and fucked hard with a thick dildo while servicing both men’s cocks. The stupid straight bastard has no clue about how to orally and must be given firm instructions with spanking as punishment when he fails to use his wet gob to please. Miles is a slow learner. This hetero thicko will need to be thoroughly humiliated before he becomes the perfect cock-serving bitch. He’s left in his painful restraints, dripping with piss and completely ruined.

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